We’ve perfected the “Art” of team building.

Art Rave is team building at its best! Unwind after hours,  while you exercise your creativity, express individuality, and work together towards a common goal.

Follow the Leader

In classic Art Rave style, one painting will be chosen by the group or host, and be taught by a lead instructor. Every participant will have their own canvas to recreate the inspiration painting, with our professional, guided instruction.


Group Mural

This is team building at it’s best! Our professional artists will design and paint an inspiration painting. That painting is divided up into small pieces and each person paints their small piece of the larger mural. When the individual paintings are placed together, they create a large mural of the original painting. It’s a great exercise that demonstrates how collaboration and group efforts, when blended together, create a masterpiece! The finished mural can be displayed in the company office or workspace.